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>> and new details on a prank phone call targeting the duchess of cambridge. >> and the bustling holiday shopping season is now in full swing. coming up, we will show you some of the hottest gifts on the market right now courtesey of consumer reports. we begin with new details on the search behind the attack in benghazi. they are expected to testify in front of two committees. this comes as he is arrested for his alleged role in the attack that killed four americans including u.s. ambassador chris stevens. molly is live in washington with the latest. hi, molly. >> hi, rick. he is a leader in the terror world. he is ambitious and very dangerous and now egyptian authorities aided by u.s. intelligence have him. officials have been tracking him for months according to the "wall street journal" and
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interest intensified after followers participated in the attack in benghazi, libya. he was captured in the past week or so, but we don't have details yet on how he was detained. u.s.ish ifs have not been able to interrogate him yet. here is what we know. ahmad is a former egyptian jihad member. he was released from a prison in march of 2011. he is the leader of the jamal network and has been setting up terror training camps in libya and egypt with some financial help from al-qaeda and yemen. and he was trying to set up al-qaeda in egypt. meanwhile secretary of state hillary clinton will be testifying on the benghazi uhing tay. a review board investigating the attack should be completed soon and secretary clinton will testify after that. >> i have been in conversations with the department of state. there is every indication that this will happen before the
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end of this year. it is expected to be done in the next days or weeks. it will do so in an open setting and perhaps the lead investigators may be testifying in a closed setting. >> democratic senator john kerry, the chairman of the senate foreign relations committee says secretary clinton will appear before that panel. >> molly, thank you very much. and new developments over syria's vast stockpile of chemical weapons. the british foreign ministry is now confirming that the uk and the u.s. both have evidence suggesting that president al-assad in syria is using his government supplies including mixing chemical compounds and loading them on to bombs. syria is believed to have muss tared -- mustard gas and sarin. president obama said any
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attempt by syria to use chemical weapons against its own people will be met with consequence. >> and new developments in north korea as a planned rocket launch. the test fire was scheduled sometime on monday, but north korea's state media says scientists are seriously considering adjusting the time frame. meanwhile the u.s. is deploying warships to the region to monitor the situation there. north korea maintains it is just trying to put a satellite into orbit, but the u.s. says it is a cover for testing ballistic missal technology. one week after a murder-suicide involving the kansas city chiefs player more sad news rocking the nfl. dallas cowboys ease nose tackle josh brent under arrest after a car crash that killed his teammate jerry brown. brown was just 25 years old. he was a member of the cowboys' practice squad. dominique is live in l.a. with the latest. dominique? >> hi, rick.
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jerry brown was a practice squad line backer. he was killed in the one-car accident around 2:20 in the morning in the dallas suburb of irving. his teammate josh brent was behind the wheel, and just the two of them were in the vehicle. the police department described how the accident unfolded. >> it appears as if he was traveling at a high rate of speed at which time his vehicle touched or impacted the outside curb of the service road causing his vehicle to flip at least one time. the vehicle ultimately came to rest on its top once it slid back into the roadway and came to rest in the center of the service road. >> they say brown pictured here during his college days was found unresponsive at the scene and once he got to the hospital he was pronounced dead. it was supposed that they were drinking at a gentleman's club, but police were unable to confirm that. >> our officers on scene felt
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as if alcohol was a contributing factor in the accident, so mr. mr. price brent was asked to per 4thof july field sobriety tests. after he performed the field sobriety tests or based on his performance of the tests along with our officers' observations and the conversations that they had with him, he was placed under arrest for driving while intoxicated. in a statement released by the dallas cowboys jerry jones says we are deeply sadenned by the passing of jerry brown. at this time our hearts and prayers and deepest sympathies are with members of jerry's family and all of those who knew him and loved him. brebt played in all -- brent played in all 12 games, but was not on the team flight to cinncinati where the cowboys played the bengals on sunday. back to you. >> dominique in los angeles thanks. hundreds of volunteers who you are ared to new york after superstorm sandy are settling
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into their home away from home. when they are not helping with recovery efforts they are recouperating on the uss wright. it is equiped with sleeping quarters and a common area. anna is live with an inside look. >> hello everybody at home. finding space for the thousands of volunteers who stepped up in the aftermath of superstorm sandy has proven to be a tall order. that's where this ship comes in, the ss wright. it is now home away from home for a couple hundred volunteers from the american red cross and fema core. they are staying together and eating together and playing games and watching sports together, yet it is in patriotic living quarters. and they are manning the 27 disaster recovery centers set up in the tri-state area. many are young and even just right out of high school. it is an interesting dynamic
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as many of the red cross volunteers are older. retired health care workers. it can be trying. being around storm victims and devastation at times is emotionally exhausting. >> the hardest part for me that i am not able to give them immediate assistance. you have to sign up at first. you have to wait. you have to go through the process. you have to get evaluated and awful that stuff. it is different from the red cross where if you need a lunch they give uh lunch. >> and the living quarters are less than luxurious. the bunk beds are stacked four high. >> also a big adventure. i think that's a part of why so many of us find it thrilling. it is because it is not only helping people, but it is an adventure. that's satisfying.
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>> arthel, they call the bunk beds coffins because they are 18 inches apart. fema core will be wrapping up in the next week or so. the american red cross is, woulding on finding a new barics area for their volunteers. >> thanks to the volunteers. >> and new details now on a controversial effort to regulate the worldwide web. about 2,000 people from 200 countries are meeting right now in due by. they are talking about the drafting of a new proposal that critics say would bring the internet under tighter controls of the united nations katherine with the details now. >> with the slogan committed to connecting the world, the international telecommunications union, an arm of the un, has opened an 11-day conference which could act as a way it accesses the
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internet. >>- q. it could access every cell phone tablet and personal computer in the world. >> along with a webcam pain urging users to stand up for freedom, he is described as one of the fathers of the inner at the time -- of the internet and warn eds that it is on the agenda. such is the great of tee of the issue that the american delegation is bringing together firms that normally compete with one another. >> the u.s. official position has been no expansion of the jurisdiction and to the internet space, period. >> pictures released by the u.n show the opening day event in due by. delegates will update a treaty that applies to how phone calls are exchanged internationally. critics say it would be a mistake to apply the old standards to the age. . >> the internet is privately managed and it is crazy to bring back old school
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telephone regulations and apply it to the vibrant network. >> in a statement posted to the u.n website even before the conference began, the secretary general said the conference is not about giving governments control of the web. >> it must be to ensure communication technology including the two-third of the world population currently not on-line. >> critics say the conference raises a specter of china and russia replacing innovation and openness with sensorship. and while the u.n maintains this is not about controlling the web. analysts say the conference appears to be a steady part of the drip drip that under cuts free do. in washington, fox news. tragedy overshadowing the duchess of cambridge's baby joy. we now have a picture of the british nurse who is believed to have taken her own life following a senseless phone call prank. plus what the royal couple is now saying about the nurse.
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>> the wrapping sensation is apologizing for a tirade he has made against the u.s. >> and fiscal fighting. the holdup on the on going budget talks and why lawmakers say they are getting frustrated with the white house. >> there are a lot of things that are possible to put the revenue on the table. none will be possible. the president insists on his position. insists on my way or the highway.
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he may be known for "gagnan style" but now he is apologizing for lyrics earlier in his career. it talks about killing families during the iraq war. he calls it an emotional reaction to the conflict. he is scheduled to perform at an upcoming christmas concert in washington. >> and there is growing backlash against an a
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outrageous trick. this was the nurse who was duped into transferring the call to the duchess' room and then later reportedly committed suicide. the duchess was released from the hospital earlier this week. a spokesperson for the royal couple says they are, quote, deeply sadenned by the nurse's death, and they did not complain about the security breech which resulted from a couple of radio dj's posing aspirins charles and the queen. listen. >> hello, good morning. >> oh hello there. could i please speak to kate please, my granddaughter. >> yes, hold on, mum. >> are they putting us through? >> yes. >> the dj's have since been taken off the air and said they could have never foreseen that their prank would have such tragic consequences. we are wrapping up a week where we heard negotiations on avoiding the so-called fiscal cliff were going no where on
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capitol hill. each side continues to dig in. but even if the president and house speaker john baner are able to reach a deal, there is no guarantee it would pass the lame duck congress. some say they are not sure they could go along with it. and some democrats might balk as well. everybody agrees that something has to be done, but so far no deal. >> first if congress does nothing, every family in america will see their income taxes go up on january 1st. a typical middle class family of four will get a $22 tax hike. that would be bad for families. it would be bad for businesses, and it would drag down our entire economy. >> we must get the national debt under control. tax increases will not solve our $sick teen trillion debt. only economic growth and a reform of entitlement programs will control the debt. >> let's say hello to our political panel. debbie is the former chair of vice president al gore's 2000 campaign in michigan. nice to see you.
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and chip is a former governor, nice to see you chip. let me talk to you about the idea of the back ventures we have been hearing about this week. the rank and file members of congress coming out and saying one thing and not sure if i could go along with this. if the president and john baner reach a deal, does everybody have to go along with it, or would there be some no votes? >> well, have you 435 individuals, and there will be no votes. what you need is the majority. if john baner and president obama reach a deal i predict that it will pass the united states congress both in the house and the senate. >> and as you heard from some republicans who are upset that speaker baner would even be willing to talk about new revenue. forget about tax rates and republicans a lot of them don't want to talk about revenue. what do you make of that? >> what i hear is they want spending cuts first. we have done this a couple times before where we give into the democrats. we have rate increases and increased revenue.
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we never can get to the spending cuts. i think if you are going to get to the magic number, 218, for most of the house republicans they want to see the spending cuts first. >> what about that, debbie? we hear about the president's demands when it comes to tax rates. we have not heard much from the president and from the white house and from democrats at all about where they would be willing to cut. >> well, i would respectfully disagree with that. you can start with an agriculture bill that passed the senate in a very bipartisan way that cannot pass the house. it gets rid of agricultural subsidee which is a good place to start. the fact of the matter is the president has said that he wants to protect 98% of americans, and i believe republicans agree with that. they should not see a tax increase on january 1st. >> sorry to interrupt you, debbie with all due respect to you. agriculture cuts are not going to do it. it is the entitlement programs that are driving our federal debt. we have heard nothing from the
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white house and nothing from democrats about where they would cut. >> the fact of the matter is is that the president started, and reduced a lot of waste we saw in medicare. he has said that if we can protect ninety 8% -- 98% of americans and 97% of the businesses, if we can agree, all he wants to do is let taxes increase on billionaires and millionaires. that is all he has said. he has said he will then talk about entitlement. he will put -- we have to balance the budget. we need to do that for our children. we cannot do it without reduced -- reducing spending. and he has said he will do that. >> chip, we just heard from scott rasmusson and the polster spoke to colleagues and said democrats and the president are winning the pr war here. why aren't republicans doing a better job explaining what it will mean for our children and grandchildren if we continue every year to run up the federal debts? >> i saw that segment with scott. the problem is do you want to
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pay more in taxes or will the rich pay more in taxes? the other guys should pay more in taxes. the top 1% in this country pay 40% of the taxes. that's not fair. i wish the president would tell me what is fair? the top 10% pay 70% of the taxes. is that fair? do they want to pay 100% of the tacks? what is fair? right now the president is doing what democrats do. give me the tax increase first and then we will talk about the spending cuts. if they want to do a fair plan to benefit the american people, let's do something crazy. let's cut the spending before we talk about additional revenue. >> i think a lot of people look at this as an opportunity for the president to do something bill clinton did when he reformed welfare during his presidency which is to go after one of the democrat's say crad cows for the -- sacred cows for the sake of the country and make an impact for his legacy in the long-term. is there an opportunity to do something like that when it comes to cutting spending on
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our entitlement programs and to make a difference for the entire country? >> i think we need to take a look at some of these spending programs. it is medicare and social security and they need to be looked at. i am not saying that how they should be cut, but the president has said that he will put everything on the table. look, he cut out a lot of fat from medicare last year. although the republicans kept trying to attack him and said he took money from medicare. the fact of the matter is he said everything would be on the table. we have to do that. i think you will see president obama do that. i think people with weak stomachs should not watch laws or sausage being made as an adage. i hope we do see some progress because i think both speaker baner and the president agree we cannot go off the fiscal cliff. our economy cannot sustain that and it cannot happen. >> when is the sausage done? >> the sausage will get done a couple of hours before christmas eve. they will keep them in the house until very late. they will put something
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through at the very end. it won't be pretty. it won't be a long-term solution, and my guess is they will put a bandaid long enough to get us to about february where we can have the same discussion when we hit the debt limit ceiling in february and do it all over again. >> debbie, what is your prediction on this? >> i think chip and i agree it will be the end of the year. i have told congressional spouses they should plan on their spouses working between christmas and new year's, and that's what the american people want. they are elected to govern and that's part of the job. >> do you agree with chip that it will be a temporary fix? >> i don't know. >> it will just take us into the new year, or will they do a grand bargain here? >> well, i think you could get a grand bargain, but i think you can't do the kind of detailed work that has got to be done. as the president said entitlement programs are on the table. if you want to have a serious study you will not get that done before christmas. a lot of the tough work about how we are going to reduce spending and we agree we have to reduce spending will go
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into next year. i think there could be significant work that gets done. >> i will give you the last word, a couple second. >> i hope so. i wish we all have a merry christmas. congress will do what congress does best which is kick the can down a couple more months. >> the best holiday wishes to you and your family. thank you for joining us. and for much more on the fiscal cliff on fox news sunday chris wallace will sit down in an exclusive interview with democratic senator charles schumer and bob corker on fox news sunday. check your local listings for time. >> all of the talk about sausage makes me want to go out to 6th avenue and grab something from the vendors. >> the guy with the cart. >> i know. coming up the latest job numbers show the unemployment rate dropping to its lowest levels in four years, but the number of people dropping out of the workforce remains high. so what is going on? we will break it down for you. >>- q. i and it has been 40 years since -- >> and it it has been 40 years since americans walked on the moon and now nasa is focused on other missions.
3:25 pm
a look at the private company that is planning the next moon shot. >> i understand that some believe we should attempt a return to the surface of the moon first. as previously planned. i just have to say pretty bluntly here, we have been there before. buzz has been there.
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bottom of the hour and let's get you caught up on the headlines. dallas cowboys' defensive lineman joshua brent arrested and charged in the death of a teammate, jerry brown, junior. brown was killed in a car crash. police say brent was speeding and driving while intoxicated. a suspect in the deadly terror attack in ben benghazi arrested in egypt. he is the alleged ringleader of an egyptian terrorist net, would. and tomorrower south african president nelson mandela has been admitted to a military hospital. he is undergoing -- undergoing
3:30 pm
medical tests. they say there is, quote, no cause for alarm. new jobs numbers are out for november. the jobless rate is dropping to 7.7%. that is the lowest rate in four years. sounds good, right? well some analysts say the number can be misleading. joining us now is kyle harrington, founder of harrington capital management. >> how are you? >> i'm well. a 7.7 unemployment rate. >> you have to look at the numbers in detail. that's my job at harrington capital. 350,000 less people computed in that number. so people that have just decided they are going to drop out of the workforce. and so those numbers can be misleading. in addition, if you look at what is called the participation rate, arthel, and you go back four years when say president obama -- or four and a half years when president obama came into office it was at the 66% participation rate. meaning 66% of people participated in the polling
3:31 pm
and now it is 63. you are seeing less people participating because they are dropping out of those numbers. hence sometimes those numbers will go down and be misleading. lastly i want to say, arthel, when you look into the numbers you will see that 50,000 jobs of the 150,000 jobs that have been created over the last six months , month by month, you will see that 50,000 of those are in the retail restaurant sector. why that is is because there is a lot of part-time work going on right now for the holiday season. as we can see outside in new york city, a lot of people are shopping and a lot of people are going to restaurants. >> that's true. and part of the 146,000 new jobs you are seeing added in november is due to folks building more homes and buying more cars and supposedly if we avoid going over this fiscal cliff it will be good for the manufacturing sector. you are not saying happy days are here again, but there is cause for caution. >> i am saying let's not pop champagne bottles. let's see how this goes month
3:32 pm
after month for a period of six months. and then make a better a -- make a better assessment fnlt. >> if you were advising those people, kyle, who find themselves with smaller salaries, what do you say? >> i say be very protective over your job that you have now. continue to hone your skills in not only the job you have, but make sure -- you noy a lot of people are changing -- you know, a lot of people are changing careers to be productive in the workforce and to contribute. i think education is key. whether it be going to school part-time -- and i know these things cost money, but whether it be on-line or it be seeking some sort of education in another area to make sure that your skill set is diverse. >> you mentioned on-line. there is a lot of stuff on-line in a good way that you can actually gain some knowledge. >> absolutely. >> kyle always good to see you. thank you for joining us. you are leaving beautiful san diego behind.
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whatever, kyle. merry christmas in case i don't see you. >> happy holidays. piles of debris line the streets and are hit hard by superstorm sandy. more than one month after it struck. but funding could soon be on the way to help get things back to normal. now more from washington. >> in a letter to congress, the white house has requested $60.4 billion to help all states affected by superstorm sandy. the white house says these are funds necessary to finance a needed recovery effort and to help the region prepare for future challengeds including future -- challenges including future storms and coastal flooding as well as a changing climate. keep in mind that money is tight in dc right now. speaker baner says we have the request and will review it. the chairman of the house approprations committee and hal rogers said it is critically important for congress to fulfill its
3:34 pm
responsibility to affected individuals. but he adds that it is also our responsibility during these tight budget times to make sure that the victims of this storm are getting the most of every single recovery dollar and to ensure that disaster funds are timed and targeted in the most efficient and appropriate manor. new jersey governor chris christie and andrew cuomo originally asked for about $79 billion. and even though this $60.4 billion is much less, they are thankful for president obama's commitment and the democratic senators from new york and new jersey say that this is going to be a tough fight in congress given the fiscal cliff. and some members have not been friendly to disaster relief. but the care with which this package has been putting to has given us a good head start. after hurricane katrina, the government ended up spending more than $120 billion in aid to affected areas. many lawmakers this weekend are saying they think $60.4
3:35 pm
billion for sandy relief is a good start. rick? >> thanks very much. peter doosey in cash -- in washington. >> december 1972, and a hope to return. a private company is picking up the mission and planing to make lunar travel affordable to anyone with an extra $1.5 billion. doug mcelway has the story. >> we realize it is the stuff
3:36 pm
of science fiction. we intend to make it science fact. >> it would appear too incredible. except these former nasa managers are credible and experienced. calling their project golden spike. they planned to send man back to the moon within a decade on commercial spacecraft at a cost of $7 billion to $8 billion. >> our vision is to create a reliable and affordable u.s. base imher shall -- commercial trans transportation system. it is from virtually any nation or any corporation. or any individual. >> reporter: -- >> for many robotic missions they know the moon is tapping. >> it is rich in platinum and other elements of exotic value are there in huge quantity. >> helium 3 which does not
3:37 pm
exist in sufficient quantities on earth is plentiful on the moon. it could be mined and returned to earth to provide fuel for nuclear fusion which unlining the fission powered reactors leaves little radio active waste. >> and liftoff. >> extreme frugality is factored into the planning. >> adapt crew capsules that are already in development. only develop new systems like an expedition lander where no system exists today. >> too ambitious? this exastronaut says the biggest hurdle is finding investors for the first launch. >> everyone wants proof it will work the first time out. >> we are at an earlier stage at the development of this company than some people think. >> they also point out that the study shows 15 to 25 nations can explore the nation and may do so. >> we can sell prices that are
3:38 pm
not much higher than the lunar missions that have been flown robotically. >> because this is a commercial venture it will be marketed. who knows? the next man on the moon may bewaring a nike swoosh with your favorite colors and planning a nascar flag with a golden spike. in washington, doug mcelway, fox news. >> and for more on the future of space travel, tune in tomorrow for fox news reporting in fly me to the moon. it is hosted by neil kavudo and airs tomorrow at 9:00 p.m. that's eastern time. >> and neil said this is one of the best projects and one of his favorite things he worked on since he has been here on fox news. >> that says a lot. have you finished your holiday shopping yet? we have great tips on the hottest gift ideas. that's straight ahead. >> and the supreme court will weigh in on same-sex marriage. what it could mean for the state and constitution. >> and struggling over a deal
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well, the u.s. supreme court agreeing to hear two cases involving same-sex marriage. one case in california. another case in new york. the justices could decide whether to establish or reject a constitutional right to same-sex marriage, or they could decide to get back to the states on decide on their own. the court cases come up against the backdrop of shifting public attitudes about same same-sex marriage. there have been some recent polls that show the majority of americans support allowing such unions. after the elections last month the number of states authorizing the same sex marriage increased to 9. >> well as washington tries to
3:44 pm
solve the country's debt problems, law i can makers are using greece as an example of what could happen here. but republicans and democrats are taking away two lessons on how to avoid the same greek tragedy. mike emmanuel takes a look at that. >> republicans frequently argue it is critical to get a handle on the nation's deficits before the u.s. becomes like greece. there a terrible economy with 26% unemployment, the highest in europe, and almost no job opportunities for young people frequently lead to riots in the streets. now here a leading democrat is suggesting cutting spending too quick -- too quickly is the real problem. >> the community is concerned about all of their as you teary too. there are many things you can do to reduce debt, but still have a a -- an aspect of the economy. >> some say europe's austerity is a drag on economic growth because it relies on taxation while failing to rein in the expansion of government. and that would seem to back up
3:45 pm
a republican theme in this fiscal cliff argument. >> if we raise taxes on the top two rates which is about a million small businesses who employ 25% of the workforce, it will cost us over 700,000 jobs and reduce economic growth and lower take home pay. that's a bad scenario. >> the lead negotiator on the republican side of the table facing mr. obama says raising taxes on upper income americans will not fix the huge problems this country is facing. >> even if the president got the tax rate hike he wanted, understand that we would continue to see trillion-dollar deficits for as far as the eye can see. washington has a spending problem and not a revenue problem. >> for many top democrats it is all about taxes and not spending cuts in averting the fiscal cliff. >> the facts are that at this point the 39.6% does produce the revenue. the differentiation between the 39 pin 6% and the 28% that
3:46 pm
the president has for limitation or deductions creates a great deal of money as well. >> one conservative commentator suggested the out come of the fiscal talks won't be the end of the world. >> we will have taxes which are roughly the same as they were underon. we did fine in that. we will do fine. >> the question is whether these negotiations will lead to making other tough choices such as washington getting a handle on the growth of government. if not the european example seems to suggest huge fiscal trouble coming to our shores as well. mike emmanuel, fox news. here is a doozie of a story. a baby mix up at a minneapolis hospital results in a new mother breastfeeding another woman's baby. i told you it was a doozie. the woman given the wrong infant realized that something was not right. >> when they brought cody she thought to herself it didn't look like her other baby. but her husband reassured her,
3:47 pm
and she proceeded to breastfeed, and it just didn't feel right. and she looked down at his tag and it had the wrong name. >> mother knows best. the hospital says the babies were placed in the wrong bassinettes during the night. now both mothers and the infants must undergo testing for hiv and hepititis. jews around the world are lighting candles tonight to celebrate hanukkah. this is the scene in moscow where hundred of people gather to see the lighting of a giant menorah. hanukkah marks the victory of the jewish macabee's over the syrians in 165bc and commemorates the miracle of one day's worth of oil providing light for eight nights. and to rick i say to you, happy hanukkah. >> thank you, my friend. we celebrated in our house earlier today. kids are very excited. we will talk about gifts in case you haven't finished your holiday shopping.
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look at this one. this beautiful girl on my computer over here, arthel nestle, consumer -- talking talking about gifts when we come back. your runny nose. [ sighs ] thank you! [ male announcer ] you're welcome. that's the cold truth!
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>> take it away. >> arthel singing her favorite christmas song. this is the best time of year. >> it really is. >> and this is one of the best spots in all of the world to celebrate christmas here in new york city. we have a lot of people out here on a beautiful night. some of these people should be shopping. >> they are taking a break. >> they are taking a break from shopping. there is still time to score the perfect gift for the person on your list. >> and everybody likes electronics. it is always a great choice. consumer reports has you covered. they have put together some of their topics. >> joining us now is senior home editor and good to see you. thanks for being here. >> great to be here. very excited. >> these are four high-tech gifts.
3:53 pm
>> we test thousands of products each year. these are four high-tech gifts and four of our favorites. >> all right. let's start with the drill here. i like that. >> starting with the cordless drill. >> what do you like about it? >> every home should have a cordless drill. we tested about 75 models. it rose to the top. very fast, very powerful and almost as powerful as the construction drill. it cost $170. so it is a fair investment, but for the first time homeowner they are going to love this gift. >> good weight too. >> 3.4 pounds and good ergonomics. you will not get the hand tau feeing -- fatigue. >> what about the bits? >> it will work. >> moving on. >> our hand mixer. it is not plugged in. >> i will play with it nonetheless. no a mixer is not a mixer.
3:54 pm
>> this is the hand mixer that thinks it is a stand mixer. it is super powerful. had no trouble blending stiff cookie dough. it is an impressive piece of equipment. we had the whipping accessory on there. it will incorporate air into your cream or egg whites for your pie. >> this is by kitchen aid. >> it is $80. it is a little more you spend on other hand mixers, but it is worth it. and add to that the cost especially if they bake a lot. >> he thought he was on the home shopping network. >> what is this? >> this looks like a -- like an 8 track coffee maker. >> it is a coffee maker. we don't judge by looks. it is cool looking. >> that's not a bad thing. when i say it looks like a 1970s 8 track player i like it. >> so how is the coffee? >> single use coffee maker. one of the hottest holiday gifts.
3:55 pm
the coffee is great. the nice thing about it is hot or cold. so you have your cappucino and your lot days. latte's and it is very verse till. >> you can only do one cup at a time. >> correct. >> but it comes quickly. it is all about convenience with any single serve coffee maker. >> the brewing performance won't be what you get from an automatic drip machine. >> and you generate a lot more weight. >> you do. >> they have all of that stuff you have to throw away. >> it looks cool. >> it does look cool. >> this is my favorite here. >> look at that. who is she? hello. >> it comes complete with arthel's mug. >> you look good, honey. >> thank you. >> so what is up with this? this is really nice. >> 13 inch mac book from -- for $1700. this may be the gift you give yourself. this is a serious investment. it has the retina display. >> what does that mean?
3:56 pm
>> clarity. basically the resolution is the best we have seen. so professional photographer or the hard core hobbist, they will love it the things you can do with your photos. one of the things, the software upgrade really compatible with social networking. you can make your photos look great and get them up on facebook or tumbler. >> actually my husband has this one. i will get one next. we all like it. >> with your face on it too. >> dan, good to see you. thanks a lot. >> thanks, everybody. >> go and shop now. >> that does it for us. right now we will introduce harris. >> happy hanukkah if you are celebrating. >> hi, guys, what's up? >> are you having a good time? thanks for being here. hi. hi.
3:57 pm
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